Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Rundown

So this is my first post… A bit about me, I guess.
My name is Juan and I’m comfortable telling you this because my name is so popular that the chances a creeper will find me are slim to none. I’m from a big city on the east coast, but I go to school in a tiny town in the Midwest. Sexually, I prefer males, but am comfortable being romantically involved with women, though I prefer to keep it to a minimum due to the amount of complications that would arise when I tell said woman to keep her shirt on after the date. I struggle with a condition where I think a lot about my thinking and my actions—some call it deep thinking; I call it annoying.
But that’s what the blog is about: Deep thinking and the isolation that arises from it.
I’m unapologetically social—I wave to everyone I see on campus, I talk to people whether or not I know them (this only gets better when I’ve had a drink), and I have the best friends anyone could have ever! If ever I need a lunch buddy, someone is just a dial away. If I cannot get in touch via phone, chances normally dictate that I will see someone I know well enough to eat with in the cafeteria. And closer to my heart are my best friends—the ones I love and cherish and think of always. In my group of friends, I'm typically the crone-character (sort of like the grandparent who steps in when the parent-character), though when the "mommy" has everything under control I can afford to be childish and a handful. I'm somewhat popular, given that people know me by name and can connect that name with my face most of the time. I’m hardly a loner.

And yet, somehow, I’m the loneliest individual I know.

So let's recap
Name: Juan Lopez (Jua-Lo lol)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Spirituality: I guess it would be considered a form of paganism if it had to have a name, but it includes tributes to my ancestors, acknowledgment of equality between the high and the low, acknowledgment of my divinity and the divinity of every living being, and the practice of psychological/social/communication-based "magic."
External traits: Outgoing, extroverted, social, caring
Internal traits: Fatalistic(ish), deterministic(ish), mothering, vengeful, somewhat utterly lonely

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