Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All the King's Horses

I am alone and loveless, the winter frost creeping through my bones like a mass of albino spiders intent on cutting off the pumping of my blood. The sad part is, I'm not a loser. I'm one of those popular guys who everyone sorta kinda knows and respects. But little do they know that the individual they're respecting is nothing but a hollow shell of the real person inside. If I am inside.
I think I don't belong in American society. I think I should be somewhere like rural Japan. If it's anything like I think it is, I can go about my days monotonously and enjoy the world as it passes day by day in a steady pace.
I would ride a bike to school, take my classes, come home and do my homework, do household chores, and then go to sleep after eating and a tiny bit of socializing. I think that would be awful swell. My life is far too high-speed. My body can keep up and so can my mind, but I think my soul and emotional self are both left behind. Just bloop... A disconnect.
It also doesn't help that the snowfall is insane... Maybe the next time it comes, I should sit out there underneath a tree and really feel the chill creeping through my bones like I described...
But I'm not emo or suicidal. I'm just a he-witch trying to figure out what everything means.
Maybe I should do a post on my view of symbols as they relate to magic and meaning.

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